PRN Hygiene: supporting you through COVID-19

At PRN, we understand the importance of environmental hygiene at any given time. But during a global health pandemic, it has never been more essential to uphold the best possible standards across industrial kitchens and buildings, hospitals and clinics.

Coronavirus is changing the face of our international landscape and we’ve been working hard to deliver solutions that our clients can trust. That is why we are proud to have developed a tested and verified cleaning solution to destroy the spread of the virus and to keep your environment safe.

Widespread prevention & protection from COVID-19

Our usual industrial and hospital cleaning, ventilation and extract ductwork services aim to prevent outbreaks of illness or contamination. And in cases where the virus is already present – for instance, during Covid-19 – we’re well equipped to tackle it, to stop it in its tracks, and to prevent any spread. We work with the best in the business to offer you the highest-quality service, when you need it most.

How it works

Fast and effective, PRN’s antimicrobial technology is designed to remove the bacteria that can linger on surfaces without detection. We use a “fogging technique” to deep clean these surfaces and free them from harmful germs, the results of which last for up to 30 days.

Our specialist fogger quickly distributes our disinfectant solution to hard-to-reach areas, covering a wide surface area in a single application. You will not need to disinfect your environment every day – our prevention and protection COVID-19 service is long-lasting and effective.

Property opening after coronavirus

If you have had to shut down your operations as a result of COVID-10, we are here to help you get back on track. In fact, now is the best time to disinfect your properties (with low or zero occupancy levels) and our mobile team of experts is on hand to deliver your disinfectant solution.

Our services are:

  1. Timely: Why wait for bacteria to spread? For an extended time before you can open your property? Get the solution now, and start getting back on your feet. Our team is on call to handle your requests, 24/7.
  2. Trusted: Our COVID-19 cleaning service adheres to B&ES TR 19 best practices for ductwork cleanliness. Meaning, we are trained to handle your needs adhering to all safety and legal regulations, with complete confidentiality for your business.

COVID-19 specialist cleaning & disinfection services

Did you know that Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 96 hours? Then you’ll be glad to learn that our disinfectant solution lasts for up to 30 DAYS on surfaces.

In challenging times like these, deep-cleaning and disinfecting your environment is paramount. If you choose these services from PRN, you will benefit from:

  1. Waste Disposal: We will get rid of all the materials we use, so you do not have to.
  2. Disinfection Fogging: An air fumigation approach that is extensive, concentrated and long-lasting.
  3. Antimicrobial Technology: To prevent, protect and fight against the risk of contamination.
  4. Expert Knowledge: We are trained in the highest standards of safety when using and removing materials from your site.

Extending PRN’s Antiviral Services

We clean and disinfect much more than kitchen surface areas. Here is what else we offer:

Building Disinfection

We will sterilise your entire building complex quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Ventilation / Ductwork Cleaning & Disinfection

We will treat every inch of your cooling and heating systems to ensure the flow of clean, safe and contamination-free air throughout your environment.

Air Handling Units Deep-Clean & Disinfect

Germs can also reside on your standalone air regulation and circulation units. We will apply our deep-cleaning and disinfection solution to those, too.

One Cleaning Solution For COVID-19

Whatever you are after – a single visit, a service bundle or a fully integrated solution whereby we will deliver all the necessary strategies for your facilities – PRN has got you covered.

Let our experts take care of your hygiene environment, and you can take care of business.

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