Kitchen Extract Ductwork & Fan Cleaning

Fire safety and cleanliness of canopies and ductwork are essential to a well managed kitchen. The hidden areas of ductwork and fans are the perfect landing place for grease, oil and other deposits potentially building up to pose a serious fire risk.

PRN Hygiene Services can take the worry out of your hands with our expert kitchen ductwork cleaning teams. We ensure you meet all your fire safety obligations

We minimise the fire risk by removing grease deposits with regular cleaning programmes which are tailor made to suit each individual business needs.

We provide this service to either individual clients or multi- site national contracts at competitive rates.

Your Responsibility

To ensure compliance with the industry code of practice from the health and safety executive, all mechanical ventilation systems must be kept clean and free from anything that may contaminate the air quality of a building.

Our Service

Where a potential problem is found with a general ventilation system, we will provide you the client with a list of proposals to resolve the issues. This could involve the installation of additional camlock access doors to allow thorough cleaning of internal ductwork along with post clean testing and reporting. The system will be cleaned and sanitised using the most advanced cleaning techniques causing the minimum of disruption. The operation can be carried out either overnight or at weekends at no additional cost.


Kitchen extract systems present particular hazards due to the potential accumulation of grease. This in turn forms a hidden combustion threat. Under certain circumstances flame or very high temperature within the ductwork can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the system. Flame and heat within the ductwork can ignite surrounding materials at various points along the ductwork path and transfer fire in ways that are difficult to predict and control by designers, installers and fire fighters.

The recommended frequency of cleaning is dependent on the amount of time the kitchen is used per day for cooking:

Heavy Use
12 - 16 hours per day
3 monthly Clean
Medium Use
6 - 12 hours per day
6 monthly Clean
Light Use
2 - 6 hours per day
12 monthly Clean

Our kitchen extract cleaning service adheres totally to B&ES TR 19 best practice.

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