Air handling unit cleaning & disinfection

Periodic inspection, cleaning and disinfection of air handling units is an essential part of maintaining HVAC hygiene within the indoor environment.

Air handling unit components and air distribution chambers harbouring organic debris, dust particles, carbon and rust deposits, active bacteria and mould growth can contribute to poor air flow and trigger unforeseen building occupant health related issues.

Typically our cleaning techniques incorporate Hepa vacuuming and disinfection control wash down processes to achieve high levels of cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Components that need to be considered as part of the remediation process may include filtration bands, heating and heating coils, condensation pans, condensation drains, humidification systems, fans, fan compartments, insulation.

Air handling units servicing sterile theatres or clean room environments should be placed on a higher frequency cleaning regime.

Air handling unit cleaning process:

  1. Removal of all filters and cleaning of filter racks
  2. Cleaning of coils
  3. Cleaning of all drainage from unit
  4. Inspection of all tubes
  5. Cleaning of interior chamber & disinfection
  6. Cleaning of drain trays & pans

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